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Nippon Animation Requests Removal of Old Anime

日本動畫 雜記

Nippon Animation Requests Removal of Old Anime


And I thought last night was enough of an odd coincidence...

Not long yesterday after someone on Youtube warned "watch your back", Nippon Animation who owns the rights to Muka Muka Paradise and Fifteen Boys Stranded at Sea had the videos blocked off on my channel. I uploaded them a few months ago because none of these shows are available on the market commercially but it looks like they don't want to share old classics.

Can't they at least make sure people can actually buy the shows before removing them? Shame people will have a harder time finding them now.

Watch your back...

Hmmm... Wonder if I should remove all shows now including the Old Master Q movies.

Nippon Animation files a complaint.



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Maku tama

aww man~ that is just lame of them to do that even though they have the rights
there are people out there who still appreciate classic animations for God's sake!
especially the hard to find ones >>
now it will be even rarer ;;
unless they already planning on releasing it in blu-ray lol
I wonder...