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Wordpress Recovery from Failed v2.7.1 Upgrade


Wordpress Recovery from Failed v2.7.1 Upgrade

Decided to upgrade Wordpress this morning from v2.7 to the latest 2.7.1 for all the bugfixes and patched up potential XSS vulnerabilities. Thought I'd try using the new built-in automatic upgrading feature via the browser but, that was when things went pear-shaped. A browser time-out error occurred during the upgrade and the installation was corrupted. Thus the reason why my blog was down for about 90 minutes this morning.


I tried to manually replace the Wordpress files via FTP afterwards but a whole bunch of "fatal" errors cropped up instead. Spent some time trying to find out what the PHP script errors meant but couldn't find much other than coders discussing how to help develop the web application. Eventually the problem was resolved after I deleted all Wordpress files (besides the contents directory) from my host before I uploaded the new replacement files. I don't know why this solved the problem. Maybe my host was using old cached files whenever a request was sent for my blog.

Anyway, this has given me another reason for me to think about developing my own blogging web application. Wordpress isn't bad but, I think the interface could do with more streamlining so that less steps are needed to perform tasks.

I also realised I haven't taken an updated screenshot of the blog for the maintenance page for some time now ^^;

And speaking of problems, has anyone had problems accessing my site this month?


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