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Panoramic Photography

Took this photo yesterday, a day after the snow blizzards at the same place on top of a hill. Decided to give the Canon Powershot A720's "Stitch Assist" mode a whirl because the skies were so clear and I could see the Campsie Hills in the background. This helps locate the seams in the scenery but unfortunately, the camera limits you to auto mode which means it'll be tough taking shots in low lighting conditions in this mode.

You may also end up with blurred photos and forget to check it like the one in the middle of this panorama...

Mountain Range

I took five shots and stuck them together using Canon's PhotoStitch which comes with their range of cameras. Works amazingly well and creates one long seamless photo in less than thirty seconds on my machine. First time I used the software.

I used to try and create panorama photos manually by taking multiple photos and putting them together by adjusting the layer transparency in Paint Shop Pro. Never did know how to get rid of the seams besides trying to blur them out. Now I can see how it should really be done by skewing the photos a bit.

Canon Photo Stitch

Pretty inspired to take more panorama photos now. I'm thinking of capturing this same scene during different seasons as well as try other locations.

Looking closely at the other photos I took, I was amazed I could see the Glasgow Tower in town which is roughly 10 miles (15km) away by the river I think. You would have been able to see this in the panorama if the part wasn't blurred.

There's the tower.

Pity the area isn't facing west or I could try and capture some sunset shots. It's also snowing again today which means it's cloudy so I can't go out to try again without the Stitch Assist mode.


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