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Viper's Creed 01

Hmmm, interesting that this show seems to be set in the aftermath of the two major issues that the current real world is focusing on - a broken economy and global warming. I doubt we will see mecha any time soon, though.

Viper's Creed Episode 1

Viper's Creed opens up with a highway chase scene where an automated Mega Soma was approaching Fort Diversity. The pursuers are having a hard time stopping it. One of the operators put down her headset as one of the units is blown up by the Soma's drones. It was the fifth unit and she was giving up. Another was also talking about damage costs. It seems everyone was more concerned over the costs of defeating the Soma than actually successfully defeating it.

Arqon Global Security

After the average looking units fail to blow up the Soma, "Unit Viper" appears. At this point, one of the operators "Sakurako" thinks back to the time when was first introduced to the team to operate with Saiki. However, she doesn't seem to be welcomed because a newcomer like her was allowed to work with the top pilot. Initially she was unsure of teaming up with him but her friend Maika suggested it wasn't a bad idea considering she will have a pay rise.

Sakurako hesitates.

Back to the present, Saiki eventually manages to stop the Soma at the risk of almost cutting off his own power supply. Just as the Unit Viper members leave, the Soma was rebooting using another of its multi-core chips. It had faked its death. A report soon comes in stating the army had decided to take matters into their own hands. Most of the Viper team decides to give it up because of the decreased reward money - all except for Saiki. He leaps off the bridge after it despite the orders from his operator. Sakurako just didn't know what he "sees". Eventually he manages to stop it by sacrificing his unit. It was a relief for Sakurako that he survived.

Unit Viper.

After being scolded for defying orders, Sakurako meets Saiki and sits down with a cup of coffee with him to talk matters over. Their reward for destroying the Soma was going to be deducted as part of the compensation for all the damage caused during this incident. She just didn't understand why he went so far in this mission when he knew it would end up putting him in debt. He didn't seem to be listening but she smiles when he asked if there was any sugar about.

Saiki the lone wolf.

On the way home, Sakurako catches the news on the train which reporting the damages. Some of the passengers were disgruntled at the money being spent on repelling the automated machines attacking them. They wish they could just leave the city. Sakurako goes onto narrate how sea levels have risen and 35% of the world was now submerged in water. Eight years later after numerous wars took place, the automated machines that were used had turned against them, threatening people's lives.

Global warming in effect.


Interesting this show's partly been produced by Digital Frontier, the same artists that did the CG for the recent Resident Evil Degeneration movie. Other than that, it feels very generic although the opening action scene was well animated. It seems the world runs on money so far except for Saiki perhaps which is interesting because, it makes the setting more realistic instead of the usual "good versus bad" kind of setting. I'm not quite sure that's enough for me to keep blogging this show, though.

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