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Persona 4 Social Link "Expansion Pack"

Persona 4

Persona 4 Social Link "Expansion Pack"


Those of you who want that Kuma plushy that came with the Persona 4 Konami Style Edition may not have to resort to importing after all. Amazon is offering a "Social Link Expansion Pack" which contains:

  • The "Teddy" plushy.
  • A black t-shirt featuring Yukiko's Konohanasakuya.
  • A 2009 calendar.
  • A soundtrack CD containing tunes that won't be found with the game's pre-packaged one.

Well, the Japanese OST contains two CDs so... Maybe they had this planned. Think you'll be fan enough to pick this up?


もしご連絡しても宜しければメールアドレスもご入力下さい。迷惑会社- いや… 第三者等に提供することもしないのでご安心を。


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Xcomp 作者

Nope, haven't signed up to their newsletter... The cosplay sounds really good, though!




I tried to get this, but then the Canadian version isn't available till further notice.

*waits for notice*

I assume you signed up for Atlus for the faithful as well... or maybe it's only available in North America's Atlus branch.

There's also a cosplay contest going on for Atlus... so far the Odinsphere Gwendolyn looks best imo. Otherwise, last year's winner was a Elizabeth cosplayer complete with Velvet room chair and creepy book in the photos.



Xcomp 作者

Yes, Amazon exclusive "expansion pack" without the game so, this is basically a set of separate P4 goods you're paying for.




Is this only Amazon? Because I already put my preorder in at EBGames.