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Final Fantasy Dissidia to Have Limited Edition PSP-3000

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Final Fantasy Dissidia to Have Limited Edition PSP-3000


The price has been set for the new PSP-3000 model in Japan coming in at 19,800 Yen (US$182) and will be available in Piano Black, Pearl White and Mystic Silver.

There will also be three limited edition styled PSP packages too towards the end of November namely a Mobile Suit Gundam: Gundam vs Gundam, Patapon 2 Donkacha and a Final Fantasy Dissidia one too at around the 25,000 Yen mark (US$230). No images of what they look like yet but the Dissidia themed one will be out on December 18th (together with the game of course!).

Been a long time since I had anything to write about the FF beat-em-up game!


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