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Code Geass R2 - Episode 18

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Code Geass R2 - Episode 18

Episode 18 Summary - The Second Decisive Battle of Tokyo

With the Gefjun Disrupters activated, the Black Knights looked to have the upper hand as their Ikaruga squad moves in. The Tokyo Settlement was at a stand still with all communications down and fifth generation or earlier Knightmares immobilised.

Their main target was Area Eleven's Governor Nunnally as they made efforts to isolate the building from the Britannian forces. Nina was getting desperate to use the FLEIJA now, desperate to put an end to Zero and avenge Eupheumia's death. Lloyd and Cecile tries to stop her from boarding the Lancelot until Suzaku arrives convincing her that only he will know when to use the bomb.

As Sayoko and Rollo's teams continued with their infiltration, Suzaku soon confronts Lelouch demanding he stops the war. Lelouch had been expecting him and already had Jeremiah in his Siegfried ready for him. Even Guilford was at his command as his Geass on his remains in effect.

Despite being overpowered, Suzaku refuses to use the FLEIJA. Fortunately, the rest of the Knights of the Round appear to give him support.

Meanwhile, Rollo's team had cleared up to level thirteen of all the guards. He reassures Lelouch that he will rescue Nunnally but secretly, he was also planning to kill her. He alone is enough family for Lelouch. Unfortunately for him, Lelouch planned to get rid of him as soon as he had served his purpose too...

The tables are turned as the Knights of the Round, Weinberg and Anya drop in. Weinberg focuses on Jeremiah while Anya knocks Lelouch's Shinkiro far away, trying to break through his shield with her Mordred's Stark Hadron Canon at close range.

As the battle goes on outside, Sayoko had also reached where Kallen was being imprisoned. She was glad that she could finally fight together with the others. She is given a change of clothing as she is taken to her Guren but it appears Lloyd has made some adjustments to it.

The situation was not looking good as the Gefjun Disturbers were being destroyed, more of the Britannian forces were re-mobilised. Suddenly, Aya feels something tapping into her mind again. She falls away from Lelouch but he wasn't free yet. He is locked in position by the Valykrie Squad and greeted by Bradley the Vampire. His shield wasn't going to hold up long after dealing with Mordred's attack and to make things worst, the Emperor himself is heading to the area too.

Activating the new modified Guren SEITEN Eight Elements, Kallen sorties just in time to help Lelouch. She faces the Vampire who was once again filled with bloodlust. The thought of taking precious lives from as many people as he can thrilled him and it wasn't a crime on the battlefield. Kallen closes into the Vampire, returning his favourite question before finishing him off.

Just as Lelouch was about to send Kallen off to find Nunnally, Suzaku and Weinberg catches up with them. It appears Kallen had made up her mind about the question Weinberg asked her earlier. She was going to stay with her Japanese name Kozuki and give up her possible luxurious Britannian life.

With Kallen back, the Black Knight's strength were up on the battlefield. One by one the Glaston Knights were brought down as the morale was restored. However, just as Toudou was making his way to Schneizel's fleet, Asahina interrupts to send Kinoshita's testimonial about the secret operations Lelouch had been undertaking.

Suzaku was now fighting a losing battle against Kallen but he refuses to use the FLEIJA knowing what destruction it can cause. He was ready to die as he considered it as his atonement once again. However, the Geass command to stay alive wouldn't let him. He dodges Kallen's attack and activates the FLEIJA, fired directly towards the governor's office.

Seeing the FLEIJA launched, the Britannian forces immediately retreat. With a blinding expanding burst of light, Lelouch stands in horror only to be saved by Guilford. Nunnally, Sayoko, Asahina are all swallowed up in the light.

Moments later, floating some distance away from the giant crater where the Tokyo Settlement had stood, Lelouch calls Rollo and calmly asks to let him speak to Nunnally. When Rollo lets him know they didn't make it in time, Lelouch angrily accuses him of being a liar.  He just wanted to speak to Nunnally for a moment.

Next episode, "Betrayal".


How ironic that Lelouch and Rollo both have been having their own secret little thoughts against each other so far... Lelouch thinks of Rollo as a disposable tool to save his sister Nunnally and, Rollo acts like he wants to save Lelouch's sister when he's just going to kill her. Well, now that Nunnally's off the list, Rollo should be happy but, what will Lelouch do?

However, I just thought to myself when Jeremiah appeared in this episode to face Suzaku... Why didn't Lelouch just get him to use his Geass Canceller on Suzaku and then re-Geass him during their last meeting at the shrine? Then his "Live!" command wouldn't have kicked in and Suzaku wouldn't have used the FLEIJA. Oh well, it wouldn't be so dramatic if that happened. Now Lelouch has one more reason to hate his Geass power.

Fun to see the suddenly overpowered Kallen back again, wreaking havoc just like last time. Poor Milly had to run from the scene too. That means Lelouch's friends are pretty much all dead. Think they'll mention Rivalz and the others too later?

And woohoo, another 1 hour competition. This time a set of Prop+Puchi Code Geass figures. Cute, eh?

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Xcomp Author

Very cute... The entire Cheese-kun family!




... I wish orange kun's orange had a face xD




Omg!! I'll bring that pic to the model shops downtown Toronto and see if they'll order them in anytime soon. I can't order things online.... since I've already ordered too many wigs recently for cosplay X_x. . . . .

But thank you for the link!! Hmm.. I can use them as reference to make plush pins...

I made some cheese kun earlier: see~ http://i227.photobucket.com/albums/dd138/kawaiioverload/cheesefamily.jpg



Xcomp Author

Could always try importing them once this series two is out towards the end of next month. Think you would have to order one big box of ten random figures though...

Here's what the full set of figures look like:

Orange-kun doesn't look too bad either with his orange!




omg cheese kun is adorable in that picture!! I wonder if they will be available overseas.. ever ~~