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Evangelion 1.0 Rebuild Movie DVD Release in April with Film Strip


Evangelion 1.0 Rebuild Movie DVD Release in April with Film Strip


It appears there will be two DVD releases of the first "Evangelion 1.0 You are (not) Alone” Rebuild movie and they will be due on separate dates.

Evangelion 1.0

The first release due April 25th will be a limited edition costing 5985 Yen (US$56). Packaged in an illustrated LE box it will contain a movie disc, bonus disc, a deluxe glossary booklet and a film strip from the actual movie reel! The bonus disc itself will contain:

  • A making of video.
  • A subtitled "Explanation of Evangelion 1.0" containing nostalgic scenes.
  • CG scenes that were edited from the movie.
  • A music video of Hikaru Utada's theme song "Beautiful World" (Eva Version).
  • An "Angel of Doom" PV featuring "Operation Yashima" i.e. the battle with Ramiel.

They're copying the 5 Centimetres per Second LE! Well OK, the Brave Story LE also included a film strip but still...

On the other hand, the regular edition due on May 21st costing 4935 Yen (US$47) will only contain the movie disc and a regular edition of the glossary booklet.

And for those of you hoping for a Blu-ray or HD-DVD version, "we currently have no plans of doing so," is the word unfortunately. If you want the film strip, I'm sure you'll have to get this DVD version anyway because I doubt they'll distribute them on both formats of the movie or outside of Japan.

I'm tempted to get the LE just for the film strip being a fan of Evangelion. It was the show that really got me into Anime in the first place but, I don't know. My brothers will probably want to watch it too although I can always just download an English rip later.

Who knows. Maybe I'll get a good film strip and it'll end up selling for more than US$300 like the 5cm one. Of course, I really have no intentions of selling it if I do buy it!

A cam recorded version of it has been floating around the internet for the past few months now but I haven't watched it yet because if I did, I'll probably end up not watching the fully quality DVD release. So I'll just wait for that instead.


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Well, I'm considering ordering this myself now from YesAsia but, I'm keeping an eye out for the final cover and what other "Mini" items I might want to order from them just now.



Will Martinez

no sorry for the misunderstanding but i was just saying that i own the platinum boxset and would like the Limited Edition of Rebuild to compliment it, along with the film strip.




You mean the platinum boxset came with a film strip too?



Will Martinez

Yea I've also heard about the online subbed version of the movie and couldn't wait for the dvd release so i watched it. Nonetheless i own the entire R1 Platinum edition of the original series and was hoping for the film strip with Kaworu appearing :). I bet that would sell for alot especially if your a girl who's looking for it. I don't know rather or not i would sell it though.