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Episode 4 Summary - Farewell & Vampire

It's been a month since Tsukune arrived at Youkai Gakuen now and he's lost count of how many e-mail messages he's written to his family now. He writes about how he was pretty bewildered at how strange the school was but now that he's made some friends, he enjoys everyday of it. However, while in class he begins to wonder if things are really fine the way they are. He becomes so lost in thought that he doesn't hear the teacher calling to him to read out some text and ends up embarrassing himself.

Should I leave the school?

After class, Moka goes to the rooftop to have a little talk with Tsukune assuring him that she will always be there for him to talk to if he's troubled. Just as Moka suddenly has the urge for a bit of blood again, Kurumu interrupts. Moka is blamed for Tsukune's recent frequent space outs in class lately. She must have been draining too much blood. Moka doesn't deny it. Tsukune tries to help her out by saying it wasn't Moka's fault. Besides, she can't help it when she's a vampire. Hearing that, Kurumu decides to try and drain some energy too but gets stopped by Moka. A succubus' kiss is deadly after all.

They drain me too much.

While going about his trash duty, three uncanny male students dressed in pink appear before Tsukune. It appears the jealousy around him from the day he stepped foot in the school have grown to new levels. Each of these guys claim to be the leaders of individual fan clubs, namely fan clubs of Moka, Kurumu and Yukari. United, they were the "Love x Love Union" and were very jealous of how he gets to spend so much time with the girls.

Together the trio beats over Tsukune with their megaphones, remarking at how incredibly weak he was as if he was human. Tsukune shields himself helplessly until Yukari and the others come to his rescue sending the trio running off. Angrily, Yukari tries to punish them further by throwing nearby objects towards the trio but ends up hitting Tsukune instead. The trio runs off while the girls are distracted.

Tsukune gets beat up by megaphones.

That night, after treating his bruised head, Tsukune thinks about what happened earlier. He was sure he wouldn't have dragged the girls into his troubles if he was stronger. Despite knowing his mobile doesn't work within the shielded Youkai Academy, he starts talking asking if such a weak person like him, who has to rely on the girls to protect him, should be staying at Youkai Academy.

A phone that never rings.

Meanwhile, the fanclub trio were hugging dakimakuras of their idols while plotting to get rid of Tsukune Aono so that they can take all the "untainted" pictures they want of their goddesses.

The next day while sitting together in the cafeteria for lunch, the group of friends tell of their troublesome experiences they had with the fanclub trio during the day. Yukari had her photos randomly shot by Nagai the guy with the glasses and Kurumu was stalked throughout her classes by the stout guy. Those three were definitely an odd bunch.

It's a stalker!

Usually they would just teach them a lesson but the girls were worried they would go after Tsukune again so they decide to stay close to protect him. That way, once the trio appears together they can send them packing without trouble. Tsukune laughs saying it really wasn't necessary but Yukari insists. Moka smiles saying Tsukune would probably be helpless again with the kind of power he had. Realising what she just said, she tries to comfort Tsukune saying that he should be really strong in his Youkai form. Tsukune tries to remain calm, acting as if he wasn't bothered at all. He gets up and leaves the room. Moka runs after him while Yukari and Kurumu remains puzzled about what was going on.

Outside, Moka apologises to Tsukune and reminds him the others don't know he's really a human. That was why they were talking like that. Tsukune runs off saying he doesn't want to drag them down all the time and should be the one protecting them.

I keep getting saved by girls!

That afternoon, Tsukune leaves his room taking with him his bag and mobile. It appears he's left a note on his desk. Yukari just happens to see him passing by while she was cleaning up the school yard outside. He looked solemn and very serious about something. Concerned, Yukari immediately rushes off to find Moka who was troubled over how Tsukune reacted earlier. When she hears he was heading out of the Academy, she was certain he was planning to leave the school.

Sure enough, Tsukune was on his way to the bus stop. It was that day of the month when the only bus from the outside world would drop by. However, he is surprised to find himself stopped by the trio fanclub again. It turns out not only were they jealous of him because of the girls, they were also jealous of how he can be so popular without doing a single thing whereas the old Youkai form they had were considered "out-of-date" by others at the academy and unwelcome. They focus their hatred on Tsukune and attack only to be stopped by Moka, Yukari and Kurumu arriving at the scene.

Three old Youkais.

Working together, they manage to free Tsukune but again, he's not very happy to be saved by them. Surprised, he gets a slap across the face. At the edge of tears Moka tells him that friends should be helping one another but Tsukune wasn't convinced. Up until now he feels he's been the only one that needed rescuing. The other two girls step in to back Moka up saying his kind words has helped them a lot.

While the group of friends were all engaged in their emotional little scene, the fanclub trio ends up feeling even more left out. Determined to make the girls their own, the trio rushes at the girls individually. Seeing how the girls have a hard time fighting back, Tsukune steps in too, angrily calling them a disgraceful fan club for attacking girls and their own idols. For a moment, they stopped in their tracks but then remembers who their real target was. Tsukune. Merging together into one being, they send Tsukune flying across the ground with a light flick of their hand. Tsukune gets back up trying to make a stand and accidentally pulls off Moka's rosario.

As if the three girls weren't enough for them, the trio immediately fall in love at the sight of the cold eyed, silver haired Vampire Moka before them. They just love hearing those cold words from her. Instead of acting alone this time, Moka invites Yukari and Kurumu to give her a hand. The fight ends at a new time of eighty seconds as the trio's fusion breaks up. From now on, their fan club union will be renamed the "Vampire Fan Club."

After the fight, the girls reveal how much they would miss Tsukune if he left including Vampire Moka. She wouldn't have a meal any more and the other Moka would be crying out of loneliness. However, it all turns out to be Moka's misunderstanding. Tsukune just wanted to ask the bus driver to help post some letters for him.

Moka misunderstood.

Soon, the bus arrives. The ominous driver willingly agrees but asks if Tsukune was sure he didn't want to leave. After hearing a resounding yes, the driver drives off seemingly satisfied that Tsukune is the chosen one. Meanwhile, Tsukune checks his phone to find he's written twenty e-mails since arriving and thinks to himself he will do his best to become stronger so that he can protect everyone.

Evil grin on.

The next day, it's announced in class that the school has installed a red phone that will allow their students to contact the human world and not only that, the bus will now also drop by the school daily...

Next episode, "School Swimsuits & Vampire".


Hmmm, no new girl. I thought they would introduce another new character with another special move the way the series has been going so far. Also thought this episode would just be a mish-mash of episodes one and two since Tsukune looked like he was ready to run away again and there was more jealous guys trying to get him.

Well, the episode itself was pretty much boring. Fan service was on the same level as the last episode I would say. The fan club trio was a "scary" bunch with the sorts of weird things they were doing but, nothing I haven't seen before from other shows. Again, pretty generic material.

However, the show kind of redeemed itself with the interesting new images it has in the ending. It seems to show a group of dark characters dressed in black suits with symbols of crosses on them. All the other characters are shown in their "evil" forms too. This should get interesting. At least after the next episode...

There's actually baddies in this show?

I'm guessing Tsukune somehow gains the power to transform into a werewolf or something later.

Why not take a break?

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Sorry for the late replies but, been busy writing up the new posts and the new semester in general.


Well as you'll probably know by now the show's full of Youkai (AKA, "Mononoke"), supernatural beings from Japanese folklore.

The three fanclub Youkai got their copulas from their true forms:

-Kasa (Umbrella), Kasabake (Umbrella Spirit)
-Kubi (Neck), Rokuro Kubi (Winding Neck)
-Pera (Flabby), Nopperaboh (Flabby Boy)

They're very familiar Youkai since they appear in stories a lot.

You might want to take a glance at the Gegege no Kitaro website. It has quite a number of other Youkai up which you might find appearing later in the show.


I see. Well I hope Tsukune becomes helpful some way at least. Kind of odd just watching him pull off Moka's rosario "accidentally" every time then a quick fight scene.



Ubu roi

Having read the scanlations, I can say that they've evidently re-ordered some of the events from the manga, and it appears that Gonzo is trying to plug some of the minor logic holes from the early chapters. They may have promoted a minor girl into the position of fifth haremette also.

Gonzo improving the source material?

Won't get any further into spoilers except to say that no, the werewolf isn't Tskuné. In fact, he's voiced by Souske Sagara's seiyuu.




Great observation. I wasn't really paying attention to the ED, although this episode was as entertaining as the last, but what you said makes sense -- there should be some significance as to that group, and the images of Moka going wild (although whether that last bit is canon is anyone's guess).

I noticed the karakasa guy was talking with a -kasa copula, but what about the other two? Was there some significance in how they spoke? The subs didn't really translate that part, so I'm wondering about it...