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A Collection of Kaomoji-kun and Other Gashapon Minis

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A Collection of Kaomoji-kun and Other Gashapon Minis

There was one more thing I ordered together with the 5cm novel and that was one of these Kaomoji-kuns. Look at which one I got.

The “Kita!” Kaomoji-kun.

No, he's not giving you the finger. I really need a camera that lets you adjust the focal points with a better macro mode ^^;

The Yujin Gashapon figures are randomly picked so I don't know whether it was by coincidence or the staff at YesAsia saw my posts and decided to do this but, I got the one that says, "Kita!" which is the first thing I wrote in the post yesterday. "Kita (pronounced key-tah) is Otaku slang for saying "Yatta!", equivalent to shouting "Yes!" or "Woohoo!" when you're really happy. It's more commonly used on the Japanese 2ch boards and the internet. In this case, the figure is saying it for a slightly different purpose.

Originally I was going to post pictures of these figures together with the novel but, I their wackiness just didn't quite mix in so I decided to use a separate post.

“One more chance, one more time” special edition.

I had also ordered another two in a separate order since it was the camera one I was aiming for and got it as one of those free Mini Gashapon draws with the "One more chance, one more time" special edition CD. I thought I might as well have the 5cm theme song since I already own the OST from the movie's limited edition box.

So the three Kaomoji-kuns I managed to get are (from left to right) "Taoreru made Utsu" ("I'll hit you until you fall") which has the Kanji for Moe on his back, GJ!!" ("Good Job!") and Kameko ("Camera Boy"). I might try and get the "Nanja koryaa!" (What the hell is this?" which is the one with the black "ugly figure box" and, "Mata daburi ka yo!" (Not another doubler!" too if I can. They're pretty cool looking too.

The three Kaomoji-kuns.

Wasn't expecting the figures to be accessories for mobiles but they're good quality for 100 Yen which is less than US$1. I think I remember a lecturer said Japan has the best quality assurance in the world because they've been trying to perfect the process for years.

In case you don't know what Gashapons are, they're basically "gumball" machines containing an assortment of collectables. You insert a coin, turn the handle "Gacha" and a random ball shaped container falls out with a "Pon". You can usually find toy stores with rows and rows of the machines.

The Relax Bear series in Gashapon form.

The following cost double the price of the Kaomoji-kuns at 200 Yen (US$2). This fluffy San-X "RelaBear" is also a Gashapon good and was ordered for someone else... Maybe I should use it as one of those cushions that comes with sewing kits where you keep the needles stuck in. Only joking! The Christmas selection is all gone from YesAsia unfortunately.

Mini Wiimote and Fire Emblem box.

A game related Gashapon featuring the Wiimote from the Nintendo Wii. I know the game box is only stuck with resized boxarts but, you have to admit the detail on these things are pretty impressive.

Fire Emblem miniaturised.

That's just a sticker inside by the way, not a real disc.

And another shot of the Gashapon.

Both YesAsia and PlayAsia have a wide selection on offer so you might want to drop by if you're interested in these little collectibles. Note that the first store sells them at a significantly higher price (more than triple!) while the second sells them at around the original price.

Another example of some quality Gashapon figures. Unfortunately, this Zelda Phantom Hourglass series (also worth 200 Yen each) are all sold out too at the import stores.

Zelda Phantom Hourglass Gashapon

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