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Shinkai's "AniKuri 15" Short Revealed, A Gathering of the Cats


Shinkai's "AniKuri 15" Short Revealed, A Gathering of the Cats


More details have been revealed about Shinkai's one minute "AniKuri 15" short as mentioned a few days ago. The title will be "Neko no Shuukai (A Gathering of the Cats)" and will feature a familiar name from one of Shinkai's previous works. Chobi the cat from "She and Her Cat"!

NHK hasn't updated their site with the broadcasting times yet or with any screenshots so until they do, you can go visit Shinkai's site. This comical short will tell of Chobi staying with a four member family and how he becomes fed up with humans' insensitivity.

The idea behind this short was to reproduce the simple fun animation that Shinkai used to enjoy as a child and he hopes NHK viewers who don't come across much animation on the channel will enjoy it.

Animation art and character designs will be done by Nishimura who was also responsible in the same areas for the recent 5cm movie and, Tenmon is doing the music.

So what do you think of the backdrops? Still Shinkai's quality work? I think so and this little piece of work definitely looks more cheerful than his latest movie. And surely that black cat in the shadows isn't Chobi gone evil with hatred!

That would be quite funny actually.


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