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Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, I Really am Bored of Shooters

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Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, I Really am Bored of Shooters

I know I said I probably wouldn't going get Metroid Prime 3: Corruption but, since Elebits didn't last very long, I decided to get it anyway while I waited for another good title on the Wii.

For some reason, even though I had the latest 3.10E update, the game icon wouldn't load and I still had to perform an update off the DVD before the game would run. I guess this might have been what was responsible for all the sudden duplicate channels that popped up for people who played the US "backup copy" on their chipped Wiis. Well anyway, despite the update there was no change in the version number.

It's now been a few weeks since I bought it a few days after release and I'm around 5 hours into the game.

Upon starting the game, the controls took some getting used to and the lock-on system didn't quite work the way I expected. It doesn't seem to scroll quite as smoothly as FPSes on the PC. The way you move around works the same way as Elebits really.

Then you have the HUD itself presented as the helmet Samus is wearing. Here you can access the scanner to analyse objects, find enemy weaknesses and also send commands to your ship. Easy to use but not exactly quick access because you have to hold the minus button and point to the right part of the helmet.

Besides just pointing and shooting with the Wiimote, the controller's been put to other good use too that you would expect from the Wii. You can turn, push and pull switches with the Wiimote while the Nunchuk is used to yank things apart basically.

On the graphics side of things, it's probably the best visuals I've seen on the Wii so far. It might not be of the same calibre as the PS3 or Xbox360 but, I didn't have that "This looks really out-dated" thought like when I first ran Zelda:TP or Mario Strikers. Both the graphics and the music gave the game a great atmosphere.

Game has 480p EDTV/HDTV support in case you're wondering.

Outside of the game, you can unlock bonus material such as concept art and music by using credits that you manage to collect in the game. These are obtained by scanning objects, creatures and defeating bosses. Some bonus content require friend tokens which can only be obtained from another player via Wi-fi from the same Wii region (i.e. a player of the PAL version must trade with another PAL owner.)

Unfortunately for me, the novelty of the Wii controls didn't last for long and spending time running around blasting things got boring. As I mentioned before, I got bored of the FPS genre long ago so whenever I was fighting something in the game it wasn't exciting at all. Even when the bosses required several different strategies to defeat, you still couldn't get away from shooting at them.

Also, even though the game does possess some great atmosphere, the story wasn't of much interest to me either. None of the cutscenes really compelled me to know more and the loading times at doors doesn't help either. Perhaps it's because I'm not a Metroid fan. The GBA games didn't really keep me playing for long either. This latest title just felt like a futuristic version of Zelda in my opinion with its sound effects for each new ability and then travelling back to the area where it can help you solve a puzzle. It's just not as exciting with the FPS element.

So, I really don't plan on finishing this game but if you want to know how long the game is, I've read it's somewhere around the 13 hours mark.

I really am bored of shooters. Even the hyped Crysis game that just got released for the PC doesn't interest me after trying out the single player demo. Back to Endless Ocean and Wii Sports until Mario Galaxy arrives! I still play Wii Bowling!

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IDK. The GBA games didn't interest me that much either.




You should play Super Metroid, for SNES. No 3d Metroid can beat that.