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Monster Hunter Portable 2 to get Extended "G" Version

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Monster Hunter Portable 2 to get Extended "G" Version

So, it's been over a month since Monster Hunter Portable 2nd arrived on Western shores. Meanwhile in Japan, Final Fantasy IV is getting a 3D DS remake, Disgaea is getting another PSP version with an online VS mode like the upcoming US version and Riviera is also getting a second "Special Edition" version with more fan service. Looks like Capcom doesn't want to miss out on the fun either because they've announced a second version of Monster Hunter Portable 2 too.

I'm surprised none of the regular gaming sites I check haven't mentioned anything about this yet. At this year's TGS2007, Capcom has announced "Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G". The ARPG will be based on and contain the original MHP2 but it will have a "festive feeling" to it according to producer Ryoji Tsujimoto.

The first PS2 "Monster Hunter" game also had a "G" version released afterwards.

MHP2G Logo

Little details have been revealed so far about this new MHP title. The extended version will contain new monsters never before seen in the MH series, higher ranks, new quests and maps. Players will be able to load their previous MHP2 saved file and development is already underway.

It's not MHP3 but I for one, am excited (and a little annoyed at all these remakes and expanded versions). After spending 280 hours on the game, I look forward to new "monsters" to fight with other MHP players. Most of that time was spent hunting monsters with JP players on Kai and it was great fun! Especially when there's a bit of friendly "PvP" fighting with kicks only.

However, after collecting everything I wanted and unlocking the few hidden enemies such as White Fatalis, the "downloadable" quests got boring. The same monsters were just repeated afterwards and there were no fun new rewards. They were fun early on though because I always looked forward to new gear like the Jump Pirate suit. I wonder what we'll be facing this time! I hope they let you skip those opening cutscenes!

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