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Animegamers Store Writes Back Saying They Are Investigating


Animegamers Store Writes Back Saying They Are Investigating


Remember my post about the online Animegamers store not replying back? My limited edition of the Getbackers Manga volume 39 was missing the collectors postcards that it was supposed to come with. Well, they've finally sent me a reply a month later which says:

We did some digging on this particular title and have only been able to find the regular edition of GetBackers #39. Unfortunately with these special versions, the extras are put in there by the publisher, long before they ever reach us,and as of right now, we are only in possession of the regular edition. For investigative purposes, was the volume shrinkwrapped at all? Because we're thinking that the postcards should have been shrinkwrapped within the book. Either way, we are on top of the matter and would like to apologize for the wait.

Thanks for your understanding, and we hope to correspond soon.

Nope, it wasn't shrink-wrapped when it arrived which I thought was odd at the time. This is one of the disadvantages when it comes to importing products. When something is missing or damaged, it's harder to sort matters out. You just have to hope the online retailer knows their products and provides good service.

Animegamers Store Site

It'll be great if they manage to find out why the cards were missing from the publisher but if they don't, I guess it can't be helped.


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