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Animegamers.com doesn't Reply to my E-mails


Animegamers.com doesn't Reply to my E-mails

Well, that's twice I've e-mailed Animegamers.com since receiving my order from them two weeks ago. Nothing. I was expecting an apology or an explanation as to why my limited edition of "GetBackers Vol. 39" was missing the postcards that were supposed to have come with it. As I mentioned in my last post, they were the whole reason why I ordered a second copy of that very last volume in the Manga series.

The postcards might not seem much to anyone else but as I collector of the series, those original illustrations are rare items. They seem to be sold out everywhere and only the regular editions are still available so I guess that's it... US$21.75 wasted. Well, at least I have that July issue of Newtype with the Code Geass drama CD. Otherwise I would have wasted even more money.

The US based store isn't bad actually. Goods were packed safely inside a box and they were generous with their Anime illustrated ad postcards. Something I'm sure Anime fans will like to put up on their walls or keep as part of their collection if you're into the artwork. I don't put them up personally I only stow them away in my bookcase and drawers. I prefer a clean looking room.

Anyway, if you ever decide to order from them, just be sure to confirm their packages contain what they should beforehand.

Goods from Animegamers.com.

I have the limited edition cover but,
these are not the postcards I was after.

Maybe I should try asking my Japanese penpals to find the Manga for me but, nah. Don't want to bother them. Besides, they don't watch Anime or read Manga and wouldn't know where to look even if they went to Akiba.

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