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Ordered Mario Strikers Charged for the Wii


Ordered Mario Strikers Charged for the Wii

I actually have next week's "Trauma Center: SO" pre-ordered too but needed another game to play before then. Finished Zelda: TP a few days after getting my Wii towards the end of June. It was a good 50 hours. If only they would add in an enemy rush mode or something after you complete the game... Then it would be even better.

Mario Strikers has actually been out 2 months over here but it wasn't a game I had my eye on when I decided to buy a Wii. But after it came out about 2 days ago in the US, there's been a lot of talk about it so I looked it up. I enjoyed Mario 3-on-3 the DS basketball game so I thought this should be fun too. Especially with online mode support.

Before putting in the order, I went about watching the video reviews on Youtube and also the written customer reviews on shopping sites. Seems it's very much a love it or hate it thing. Many are complaining about how easy the game starts out initially but becomes insanely hard towards the end in the single player modes. Somehow, I wasn't surprised about that considering how extremely easy the DS basketball game was... Until you got to the last Final Fantasy team! However, this doesn't really bother me. I'm really just looking forward to the game's replayability.

Now the only problem is waiting... If any of you are living in the UK, you'll probably know about the national Royal Mail strikes going on just now so lots of mail are getting delayed. They're claiming that only a tiny percentage of mail are being affected but my copy of Wii Play was dispatched last Wednesday and it's still not here yet! Usually it only takes around 2-3 days for games to arrive from Gameplay.

After I put my order in for the game last night, I received an e-mail this morning that my card didn't get through for some reason so I had to re-order it. Ended up with two orders appearing in my account with them so I e-mailed to make sure things were alright. I was surprised they replied and fixed things within less than a few hours! I've never had the problem before but, maybe I just mistyped my card number in. Their site should be verifying these details as soon as you hit the confirm button though TBO.

With all the stuff I've been ordering, I'm going to end up with little to buy anything else later... I guess I could always chip the Wii but, nah. I'll wait until there's a better solution out or something. I really just want something to make the PAL console region free so I can import JP games!

Now lets hope that 1st class postage helps get the game here quick.


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