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GetBackers Manga Collection Complete, New Type Code Geass Guide Book Arrives


GetBackers Manga Collection Complete, New Type Code Geass Guide Book Arrives

The GetBackers Manga series has finally ended at 39 volumes on April 17th 2007. I don't import the Manga until there's a good few volumes out since the shipping fee is really expensive. Also found out that Amazon.co.jp doesn't do economy anymore so the only option is EMS.

Last few days I just received my batch from Animaxis, volumes 36 ~ 39 which completes my collection of the original Japanese Manga. I saw a limited edition of 38 available so I put in an order immediately the other day. A few hours later, the status on the site was "Sold Out" so lucky I got the order in just in time!

The bad news is that I didn't know each of these volumes had a limited edition until I was flipping through the new "Last Piece" guide book. They come with 5 postcards and a different cover. I only saw the LE version of volume 38 on Animaxis and with the official GB site down, I didn't know...

Photo 1

I've scouted the net but it seems the other LE volumes are sold out everywhere. Now I'm on the lookout for the LE versions of 36, 37 and 39. Here's the 5 postcards that came with volume 38. They're very well drawn and rendered.

Photo 2

On the other hand, I also decided to pick up the June issue of the New Type magazine from Animenation for the Code Geass guide.They were the only store I could find stocking back issues and it was my first time ordering from them. About 3 weeks for standard shipping from the US so not bad. Packaging was good and I was surprised it came in a giant box! Newtype comes with a lot of goodies such as pin up posters every issue so I was glad to find everything was inside.

The Code Geass Complete Guide on the other is really just a compilation of the magazine's coverage of the series in issues between July 2006 and March 2007. Still pretty good if you're looking for some artwork considering the current "artbooks" aren't that great.

Photo 3

Photo 4

Still a very good collection of Code Geass material, though. Plenty of information regarding the series' settings and characters as well as some interviews with the voice actors.

There's some concept art.

Photo 5

Photo 6

Some interviews with the voice actors and scene highlights. This one is with Lelouch's voice actor, Jun Fukuyama.

Photo 7

Here's Yukana, C.C.'s voice actress.

Photo 8

The episode number references are off here.

Photo 9

CC: "Do you know why snow is white?" ( Episode 7 )

Should be episode 10.

CC: "You finally called me by my name." ( Episode 8 )

Episode 11. Wonder what her name is...

CC: "Lelouch... You can't beat Mao." ( Episode 10 )

Nearly the whole list was off. Maybe whoever wrote the content was too distracted by C.C.

Here's some early versions of Lelouch. He looks wild compared to the currently prideful looking version.

Photo 10

Photo 11

Some of the original illustrations used so far. Too bad they're not in full size.

Photo 12

Photo 13

Something for the fangirls. An "interview" with Lelouch and some answers of note are:

Q33: Is there anyone up you respect?

Q36: If you were reincarnated, what would you be?

Q44: What kind of girl do you like?
The soft kind. You know what I mean?

So he wants to be a cat.

Photo 14

Brief character profiles of the Clamp boys and girls.

Photo 15

Photo 16

And I never took notice. They give away so many different goodies with the single DVDs... Concept sketch book, radio drama CD, postcards, badge pins and even a handkerchief! I hope they have something for the box set!

Photo 17

OST details. I don't like to be honest. Only song I like is probably "Masquerade" from OST 1.

Photo 18

4 posters that you can get from Banpresto's er, poster machines?

Photo 19

And this episode guide comes in very handy. Means I can go back to certain episodes with ease or have a brief summary of what happened in each at a glance. You have to know what you're searching for on the net.

Can't wait for the double episode special on July 28th!

Photo 20

Well, now that my GetBackers Manga collection is complete. Perhaps I will give my "GetBackers World" site an update again. Not that it needed any since it covered nearly everything already.

I remember there were a lot of other fan sites up when I created that site but now it's ended up on the first page of Google when you put in a search for "Get Backers". Nice.

Photo 21

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