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AKB48 Girl Idols Promote Kanji Memorising Software

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AKB48 Girl Idols Promote Kanji Memorising Software

Supervised by Hiroyoshi Tsugawa who specialises in teaching people how to remember things, "Maru Kaite Dondon Oboeru Kyoui no Tsugawa-shiki Kanji Kioku Jutsu", is a training title aimed at helping you remember those complex Kanji with high number of strokes. What you do is look at Kanji, circle the part which you find the most difficult to remember and the software will tell you the best way to remember them.

Kanji are divided into 6 categories and they are basic, business, daily life, common sense, Kanji test and well-known Kanji. Once you've been training for a while, you can take the Kanji test which ranges from the lowest level 4 to level 1.

And what better way to grab attention than bringing in a group of girl idols to the press conference. It'll grab the attention of guys but I don't see how it'll help the software itself...

Out now in stores.



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