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EA Reveals Three Wine Guide Titles for the DS

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EA Reveals Three Wine Guide Titles for the DS

EA will be producing three titles "Sommelier DS", "Shujou DS (Working Title)" and "Bartender DS" which aims to present information about different wines from around the world.


The first title "Sommelier DS" supervised by sommelier Chisa Hamada and is set for July. It contains a catalog of 1000 wines from around the world allowing you to search by name, price, origin etc. It can also teach you how to drink wine and to store them. "Shujou DS" will be a sequel featuring 1000 Japanese wines.

Screen 1

"Bartender DS" on the other hand contains 850 cocktails and 150 Western wines. Some sort of game element will is planned for it.

Screen 2

Sommelier DS set for sometime in July while the other title comes out sometime in autumn. Great idea but I can't imagine adults whipping out their DS on a night out at the bar or club! But who knows... Someone might start the trend.

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