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DJ Max Portable 2 Night Black Limited Edition Finally Arrives


DJ Max Portable 2 Night Black Limited Edition Finally Arrives


Yay, after nearly 3 weeks of waiting it's finally here! One of the 1000 "Night Black" LEs produced in Korea that was snapped up in less than an hour. I'm glad it arrived safely because I was pretty worried it was going to get lost in the mail or something. It's not really about the small fortune I spent on it but more about how you can't buy it anymore (at least until people start jacking up the prices on auction sites again).

I wasn't expecting it to be this big weighing around 3kg. Now I can start playing!

Photo 1

There's my "Fun House" 30cm ruler there again for the scale. Now onto the pictures...

Box contents differ slightly from the original photos released by Pentavision but the goods are mainly the same.

Photo 2

The box quality is definitely better, feeling very solid with a magnetic front that you flip out to open.

Photo 3

So first up, the Trinity OST 3 CD set. No different from the original photo and it contains all the tracks from the game as well as a extra disc with the unused music. A nice quality flexible band to keep the case together.

Photo 4

Photo 5

The lyrics booklet is almost completely written in Korean of course but strangely enough, it's stuck onto the case... Maybe I can peel it off. Different coloured pages for the different coloured CDs.

Photo 6

Opening the 500 piece jigsaw box we've got the jigsaw pieces in a ziplock bag, the postcards and a glossy A3 poster of what the finished puzzle will look like. I was expecting a frame to go with it as in the original photo but guess I'll have to find one myself.

Photo 7

Photo 8

Photo 9

Photo 10

Photo 11

The game itself which has a different boxart from the original. I prefer this one TBO but some people actually wanted the original one posted so they were a little disappointed. The game has English, Japanese and Korean language options but strangely enough, the manual is in Korean only. Not that the game is hard to figure out but descriptions about what the special items you can use would be handy.

Photo 12

And underneath the casing is the visual artbook. It's actually black but my flashlight makes it look grey. Again, descriptions in Korean only.

Photo 13

Photo 14

Shots of a few illustrations. Click for the larger photos.

Photo 15

Photo 16

Photo 17

Photo 18

Photo 19

"Brain Storm" just reminds me of Dexter's Laboratory.

Photo 20

Photo 21

This one "Fentanest" is a premium song from the PC which means you had to pay to play it. Some of the songs in the PC game don't have MVs in the background so can't say if this one has one in the PC version.

Photo 22

Photo 23

Few pages of concept sketches in the back.

Photo 24

Photo 25

Photo 26

Photo 27

Photo 28

Photo 29

And last but not least, some of the staff that brought us this great rhythm game!

Photo 30

Underneath the piece of cardboard at the very bottom of the box, there was also this little "surprise". A mask of the NB Rangers. Not really going to wear it but there are holes for you to attach elastic bands if you wanted to. I heard people got different colours. One person got blue with their Night Black LE.

Photo 31

Leaflets letting fans in Korea know about the live concert coming on May 4th. Hopefully Ruliweb will cover the event too! Then there's another leaflet about Pentavision's next "Project S4". I wonder if it's going to be another rhythm game... If it is, it should be different from DJMP since if that's the name of the game then, it's not going to be part of the DJMP series.

Photo 32

Photo 33

Overall, very satisfied with the package contents! Now I just need to spend more time on learning Korean so I can actually read the stuff written in the book!

Expect a review of the game soon on Gamebrink.

Photo 34


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Yeah, 5B mode is pretty confusing but it doesn't take as long as getting used to 6B mode.

The new "Xtreme Challenge" mode is the craziest I think... All sorts of obstacles to stop you from achieving your goal such as turning your gear upside down and dark fog hiding the target line. It's still fun to play, though. More interesting than the clubs from the prequel.

Some pretty good songs to jam along with such as "Brand New Days" but, there's more songs I like listening to in the first game.

One excellent game.




Wow! That is one sick package!
I know a few guys from work who would kill to get their hands on that artbook alone.
What do you think about the new 5button mode? For me it feels a little bit confusing at times and perhaps slightly harder than 6button mode.
For some reason I can't upload my DJMax scores to the official website :S