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Ecoris, Protect the Forest in Interchannel’s Latest RTS

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Ecoris, Protect the Forest in Interchannel’s Latest RTS

All RPG players will know about the powers of mana by now and once again it takes its place in the story of another game but this time, it's an RTS from Interchannel.

The kingdom of Kingdom threatens the life of the forest as they bring in machines to develop the area, clearing away vast amounts of trees. Now it's up to you, a Dorian fairy, to team up with the other inhabitants to protect the forest.

Scan 1

As you clear stages such as "Stop the Construction of the Dam!" or "Giant Livestock is Eating Away Our Trees!", you'll be up against various machines from the Kingdom such as harvesting or snow creating units. And we can't forget those elite units dressed in orange and white but, who is that mysterious hunter? Is he a friend of a foe?

Scan 2

Commands are given out to your Ecomon units by tapping them with the stylus and in the screenshot we can see you can tell them to Run, Gather or Stop.

Actions available to your Ecomon change depending on the terrain type and they will attack the enemy automatically when encountered. You can use magic attacks, grow more trees using Ecoris along with other attacks to counter the enemy.

The game is currently 25% complete and you can expect it sometime this year.

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