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DJ Max Portable 2 - English Language Option, World Ranking, Limited Editions and More Revealed!

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DJ Max Portable 2 - English Language Option, World Ranking, Limited Editions and More Revealed!

This game just gets ever more exciting with every bit of new info revealed. The best news of all is that this sequel will feature three different languages - Korean, Japanese and English! No need to wait for an international version then and I think it's because Pentavision knows how popular their Beatmania style game is.

English Option

The bad news is that the release date on Play-Asia has been updated from February 23rd to the official March 30th but never mind...

Reservations for the limited "Orpheus Package" Night Black and Metallic Silver editions are being taken from today onwards in Korea. Only 1000 copies of each are available and they cost 86,000 Wons each (US$92). They contain the game, 3 CD "Trinity" OST, 64 page artbook, 500 piece jigsaw puzzle and 16 postcards.

DJMP2 Limited Editions

I'm tempted to order one so that this game really stands out in my PSP collection but damn, Play-Asia doesn't ship PSP titles to Europe anymore after Sony managed to force Lik-Sang to close down. Yes-Asia doesn't have it on order yet so I'm stuck D:

But anyway...

Now, my extremely basic Korean doesn't help here but I've tried to guess what's been posted on the Ruliweb forums.

4 Button Mode Still Available
"4 Buttons" will still be selectable for those worried about the new "5 Buttons" being the only new easy mode.

Screen 1

5 Button Mode

It seems you can choose to use the Right or Square buttons for the new middle note when you choose 5B Mode.

Screen 2

Optimised AMVs
All the AMVs in the background have now been optimised for the PSP's 4:3 screen so that your Gear no longer covers a good third of the action. Not that you'll be looking at it while you're playing mind you...

Screen 3

Xtreme Challenge
Meet or surpass conditions given out to you which can be score, fever, rate, break and combo. Clearing these missions will reward you with new avatars, items and even titles! There are more than 70 missions to clear!

Screen 4

Random Challenges for Extra Gold and EXP
Challenges also pop randomly while you're playing the game in 4B~8B Tune mode giving you a chance to earn extra Gold and XP. It will cost you Gold however.

Screen 5

Characters and Equipment
Where there's EXP, there's levelling up so in this DJMP sequel you can choose your own avatar. Using the Gold you earn, you can equip him/her with the note and gear of your choice to give them new abilities.

Screen 6

Network Mode
All that customisation will let you stand out in Network mode where you can compete against other players via ad-hoc.

Screen 7

DJ Max Portable 2 World DJ Ranking
Looks like you'll have a chance to compete against players from around the world in the various modes. Probably in terms of score or something along those lines.

Screen 9

Fever Mode
This is a new gauge that you build up as you hit notes and once it's full, you can speed up the game from 1x up to a maximum of 5x to help you gain higher combos and scores!

Good because those last few items in the first game are a pain to unlock at 90,000...

Screen 8

Three Difficulty Settings
Finally, you can now select between Easy, Normal or Hard unlike the prequel although I don't know how much of a difference this makes.

Screen 10

Link Mode
Those of you who own the prequel can switch UMDs during the game and enjoy all the previous songs under the new modes in DJMP2! It doesn't say if it'll support the International version but I presume it will...

Screen 11

There are about 200 images you can use as your PSP wallpaper if you're a fan of the game's artwork.

Screen 12

Continuing to look forward to this game!

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