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Sangokushi VIII to Get a PSP Port

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Sangokushi VIII to Get a PSP Port

Another title to add to the PSP port flood. It's great if you don't have already have a PS2 but when you already do, all these ports are pretty much meaningless apart from the fact you can carry them around with you.

But anyway. In this simulation game you can take control of over 700 commanders, weave your own dramatic Sangokushi story such as marrying one of the famous female characters and play through 55 scenarios.

Port is slated for March 29th.

Screen 1

Screen 2

Screen 3

Speaking of which, I must find time to read through the book I bought recently in HK. I probably should have went for an English book since my Chinese isn't that great but, I don't think it's any good to learn the history through romanised names.


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