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Megami Tensei IMAGINE, Nearing the Final Version

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Megami Tensei IMAGINE, Nearing the Final Version

I've stopped playing the beta for just over a week or so and when I logged in today, I found out that all early beta characters have been reset since the 18th.

Limited Beta

They've moved onto the Limited Beta phase now and according to the site, users playing in this version of the beta will get to carry on playing with their characters in the final version - as long as they choose to subscribe.

Screen 1

So, I'm back to level 1 without my Pixie, items and stats but still in Shinjuku Babel. MMORPGs always have annual events in-game and Megaten was no exception. There was some Christmas decorations up on the 20th but they've been taken down now. Since I wasn't around when it took place, this news release screenshot will have to do! The snowflakes are still falling on the character login screen, though.

Screen 2

The game has a few updates since the last time I logged in but a funny thing happened while I was heading back to the Third Home. Quests still aren't available yet so it was back to grinding again but then I found myself stuck in rocks...

Screen 3

Devils couldn't see me and I could travel around anywhere. I just laughed and shouted out. A passerby suggested I used "Traest" a skill that sends you back to your HP but the thing still doesn't work in the game and I was without items. The guy comes back, trying to trade me an HP stone but gets himself killed several times in the process... Feel pretty bad for him loosing all that hard XP but he laughs it off. Not the sort of help I would find in other MMORPGs I've played.

Screen 4

So, I was back in Shinjuku Babel and made my way back out again. The recently added map feature still isn't really much good because they don't let you add markers to it yet. I shouted out asking the way back and a dozen replies came back immediately. Again, not something I would have found in other MMORPGs I've played.

Anyway, on my way back, I went past the cargo hold spot I levelled at before the reset and it looks like someone moved in opening up the "Mountain Goat" shop.

Screen 5

The Limited Beta is still taking in applications so if you still want to try out the game you can. Just head over to the official site to enter your e-mail.

Screen 6

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Xcomp Author

Yes, I know :)

I've stopped playing it for a long time though and don't think I'll be going back.




psst English version is now available <_<