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Logitech Playgear Pocket Case for the PSP


Logitech Playgear Pocket Case for the PSP

I wasn't expecting such a big parcel when I ordered the Logitech PSP case from Gameplay since the console isn't that big. But the hard display packaging meant that the case couldn't have gotten cracked too easily in the post.

Good packaging from Gameplay too because they could always have just wrapped it in some bubble wrapping and then covered it with a plastic bag.

Pic 1

There aren't that many choices for PSP cases and I can understand why when everyone usually goes for the Value Pack that already comes with a soft case.

Pic 2

This one from Logitech however is much more sturdier and should offer much more protection when carried in a bag full of other stuff. Besides the outer polycarbonate shell, the inside is lined with a thick black layer of rubber where the PSP fits in snugly. If there was any great pressure applied to the case, I would expect the outer plastic shell to crack first while the rubber cushions the rest of the force.

Pic 3

Keeping the case closed is a small protruding clip that's molded out of the plastic shell. When you push it in, the plastic bends and you can open up the case to play the PSP.

The case itself adds a fair bit of weight to the console and leaving the PSP inside while playing takes a little getting used to.

Pic 4

There's a circle cut out of the rubber at back of the case to show the PSP logo but it's slightly off leaning towards the top-right but it's not something that bothers me.

With your PSP still in the case, you can fairly comfortably access the earphones port, adapter port and the L/R buttons. You might have problems sliding the WLAN and power switch however if you have big hands.

Pic 5

And here it is in movie stand mode featuring "Funky Chups" from DJMax Portable. Doubt I'll be using the case like this much!

Pic 6

Overall, it's a great sturdy case with a solid feel to it. I shouldn't have to worry about my PSP while on travel but that doesn't mean I'll be careless!

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