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Seiken Densetsu Heroes of Mana, The Summoning MOB System

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Seiken Densetsu Heroes of Mana, The Summoning MOB System

Harvesting Resources and Summoning
Before you can summon any MOBs (monsters) in Heroes of Mana, you'll need to collect two resources Gaia Stones and Trent Seeds using Harvet MOBs. All MOBs can be summoned inside the Night Soul ship and during battles, you can only summon up to 25 units.

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Types of Units

Here are 6 types of units you'll get to play with...

Charisma Units
These are people such as Roger who can fight all enemies easily apart from MOBs.

Harvest MOBs
Used for harvesting resources automatically. Has extremely low attack power.

Surface MOBs
Basic battle units that are strong against archer MOBs but when faced against heavily armoured units, they're not very good.

Airborne MOBs
Can move anywhere and strong against heavily armoured units. Weak against archer MOBs.

Heavily Armoured MOBs
Strong against ground units but weak against airborne units.

Archer MOBs
Shoots from long range and strong against airborne units. Weak against ground units.

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The Story
Setting out on an secret investigation into the Beastmen Kingdom, Roger and his friends mistakenly get attacked by the very Pedan Army they belonged to. Outnumbered, they run to the Beastmen's castle where King Gauzar saved them. Afterwards, they head to the village of Mistoth in the north east.

Arriving at their destination, it was not a beautiful moonlit village they found but ruins caused by the Pedan Army. Learning of how King Gauzar of the Beastmen (who appeared in Seiken Densetsu 3) and his people were being hunted by the Pedan Army, Roger joins the fight to protect the Beastmen.

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