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Brave Story DVD Collector’s Box and Black Jack: Hi no Tori


Brave Story DVD Collector’s Box and Black Jack: Hi no Tori

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And YesAsia packed in another sample of their new YesStyle site's "Love Passport" perfume... Guess I'll pass it onto someone else!

Anyway, the much anticipated "Brave Story" movie was just released on DVD on Saturday and we just received our pre-order of the Collector's Box through the post this morning. It has English subtitles and no, it's not "Engrish". The translation doesn't strictly follow the original Japanese but it all runs along smoothly and naturally.

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One side there's the cast of characters.

Brave Story's a good movie and has a Ghibli quality to it. The colour scheme, characters, events, music - everything seems so vibrant and alive. Written by Miyuki Miyabe, the story tells of how a young boy's family is broken up. Wataru's father leaves and his mother falls seriously ill due to the shock. Now, Wataru is offered a chance to change is fate by going to the magical land of Vision but his new friend Mitsuru is also after the same thing...


Wataru stands outside the door to the world of Vision.

Plenty of content in this collector's limited edition of the movie. It's a bit like the extended versions of Lord of the Rings with a total of 4 discs, a mini booklet and a film strip.

Pic 3

One side there's the voice actors!

Pic 4

Giant fold-out box like Lord of the Rings extended editions.

Movie itself is approx. 112 minutes long and the disc is full of trailers that were used. Then there's 3 other discs that contain 335 minutes of bonus material, making off, the original pilot movie, AquaTimez PV of the theme song "Ketsui no Asa (The Decisive Morning)", an original scenario starring Kee Keemar the lizard and other goodies.

Pic 5

Booklet's a nice supplement to this Collector's Box.

Pic 6

There's different versions of this piece of film in the packages.

Pic 7
A fold-out of the land of Vision, the place that can grant your wish.
Very Ghibli-like but not quite up to the standard.

Also picked up the DS game "Black Jack: Hi no Tori" which is a sort of based on the rhythm genre with an operation theme and an assortment of mini games. It's a very original title and since it's based on Osamu Tezuka, the man who started the whole Anime/Manga art style, I thought it would be good to have in my collection! You can read my review of it on Gamebrink.

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