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DJMax Portable International Version, Phoenix Wright 2


DJMax Portable International Version, Phoenix Wright 2

Yes, two more games arrived today for my collection! Took a little longer to arrive than my last order with Yesasia.com (which was the Nintendo Browser), being a week instead of a few days but nevermind. Been waiting to play DJMax on the PSP!

Pic 1

Here's a closer look at the Gyakuten Saiban 2 box contents. There's a slip asking for players to fill in a questionnaire online and a little ad for the upcoming Gyakuban 4 next year. It also advertises the guidebook for the first game and the second official fanbook on the back too.

Game has 4 cases just like the first game but, too bad there's no bonus fifth case just like the first remake had. Still, an English option means Western fans of the Gyakuban series can get to enjoy the game early (if they're willing to import)!

Pic 2

A little Manga strip in the back showing Gumshoe cutting up some decorations to help celebrate Wright's victory. Gumshoe has something much flashier for Edgeworth's victories, though... But Edgeworth ends up paying for the goods :P

Pic 3

So yeah, now I need to wait for the Gyakuban 3 remake which I'm sure they'll do. They can't leave a missing gap between the DS series after all! And I think they'll manage to slip it in just before Gyakuban 4 gets released... Should have an English language option in it too.

Pic 4

Not so many pieces of paper in the international version of DJMax Portable. The manual's in both English (or should I say "Engrish"!) and Korean so those who are trying to pickup Korean could always do a bit of practice with it!

Pic 5

It took a while to get used to the button configuration (which is unchangeable) but once you get used to that, it's a really fun game to play! You might not be whizzing your stylus everywhere like in Ouendan on the DS but, you'll definitely have your fingers tapping buttons at high speed whether in combinations or one at a time... Well, if you want a high score anyway.

You can actually press all buttons together repeatedly and get through a stage. This only works up to level 7 difficulty though. After that, you really need skill or just plenty of practice.

Unlike the free online version, you can watch the Anime style music videos right away if you wanted to. On the other hand, while you started off with access to all the songs in the online version (the free songs anyway), you have to unlock them in this portable version. It's more fun this way of course. There's one extra song that the original Korean version of the game didn't have but I've yet to find out which one.

Pic 6

But if you've yet to play this game, make sure you go into options and check that the Autosave option is set to "off" as shown here! Otherwise, nothing is saved!

You would think that it should show "on" when autosave is enabled but no, they made it the other way around.

Pic 7

The opening video (which wasn't in the online version) is pretty impressive but I like the song more. Must get it somehow! English subtitles are provided in this international version.

last time. They're all great songs and the Anime style videos actually look better on the PSP than on the PC. Probably because they've been shrunk to a lower res.

Pic 8

Here's where you track what you've unlocked so far. Too bad the autosave function was off when I had about 5% of the content unlocked!

Pic 9

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