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Death Note First Part Movie on TV

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Death Note First Part Movie on TV


Yes, the first part of the Death Note movie was aired on Friday on Nippon TV for all to enjoy. The director's cut was shown at 9PM as part of the Friday Road Show 20th Anniversary Special Project. Needless to say, a RAW is already floating around on the internet with eager fans waiting for the subs.


Well, another video on my "To Watch" list next to the Densha Otoko Seisen episode. Tatsuya Fujiwara really doesn't fit Light because he doesn't look evil or threatening enough like in the Manga. Also, Kenichi Matsuyama as L looks bigger than Light! I don't think any real person can have those huge glaring eyes that L has in the Manga but they could have chosen a smaller looking actor. In any case, Kenichi must have had some sore legs after crouching down like that in so many scenes!

I'm not saying it's a bad movie and that you shouldn't watch it. Just that they could have adapted to the Manga a little better with the choice of actors.

This should help boost the sales for the second part of the movie on November 3rd which is going to have an original ending instead of the Manga one.

Have a good halloween people!


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