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“Gamers” 10th Anniversary


“Gamers” 10th Anniversary

Today July 6th, will be the 10th Anniversary for Broccoli's "Gamers" stores. An event known as the "Gamers 10th Anniversary Celebration" that will take place in the head office store in Akihabara, Tokyo.

Joining the event will be the company director, Taka'aki Kidani and voice actress Asumi Kana, a member of the "Gamers Guardian Fairies" group. Thanking the supporters, Kidani says, "We aim to continue making the Gamers stores a more enjoyable place in future. It is all thanks to you all that we could come this far. Thank you all for your support these 10 years." On the other hand, Kana said, "Seeing so many people here today makes me really look forward to the Gamers store becoming even more popular with our customers."

Currently, many special gifts are available at Gamers stores celebrate the event including Di Gi Charat and Aquarian Age bookmarks when customers purchase any book from the store.

Ah, I remember watching Di Gi Charat back in highschool. It was a fairly hilarious short serie with cute characters and... Walking finger people in Akiba. Some catchy tunes too!

Official Site: Gamers 10th Anniversary
Source: Dengeki

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