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Light Novel “Alison” Turns to Game

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Light Novel “Alison” Turns to Game


Keiichi Shigusawa is the author who wrote the Light Novel Kino no Tabi (otherwise known as Kino's Travels) which sold more than 3 million copies in Japan. Together with the illustrator Kouhaku Kurobashi, their latest work is "Alison" published by Dengeki Paperbacks. The story, which is to be made into an NDS game, centers around the adventures of a girl named Alison Whittington and an easygoing little boy named Whilhelm Schultz.

In a world where there was only one great continent, two states; the Federation of Roqshianuque and the Kingdom of Irtoa were at constant war with one another. Living in Roqshianuque was a student named Whilhelm and a soldier named Alison. One day, they meet an old man by chance who tells them, "There exists a treasure that will end the war." But before the old man could finish his story, he was kidnapped right before their eyes. Trusting what the old man had told them, together corporal Alison and Whilhelm travel in search of this treasure.

DS???? ????(DS Dengeki Bunko: Alison) will basically be the first of the three book story in electronic form on the NDS, featuring a great number of illustrations and over 20 BGMs. Players will be able to tap keywords while reading the novel to collect over 70 different Tip Cards to play a card came. Once certain cards have been obtained, mini games will be unlocked.

The game is due for October 5th for 3360 Yen, supporting a 4 player VS mode.

What are "Light Novels"? Click "Read more" to find out.

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"Light Novels" is a term made by the Japanese to refer to books that is something that is in between a novel and a Japanese comic (i.e., Manga). Although the amount of text in a Light Novel is very similar to that of a full novel, these books also contain illustrations every few pages or so. There is some debate amongst the Japanese community about what defines a Light Novel although most such books are Anime themed. Examples include Slayers, Full Metal Panic and the recent Suzumiya Haruhi. Light Novels are popular amongst young people in Japan and are available in magazines as well as the traditional book.


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