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Theme Hospital on a Modern Windows PC

15/12/2012 UPDATE

To save you the hassle of going through all these technical tweaks, try Corsix-TH instead. It is still in its early development stages so you’ll spot the odd bug but from what I’ve tried so far, it is easier and a lot more stable than using these tweaks and supports today’s modern screen sizes. No more funny colours and blurry graphics to look at!

It’s very simple to setup. Install your copy of Theme Hospital or simply copy the whole “HOSP” folder from the CD. Now install Corsix-TH and let it know where you copied the folder. Then you’re ready to run the game!


Would be nice to have the cutscenes ported over too such as the board and opening animation but, oh well. Keep up the great work, guys! =)

Been feeling like playing Bullfrog’s classic “Theme Hospital“. It really is a brilliant game despite being over 10 years old and I highly recommend you try it if you haven’t already! You run a hospital trying to cure humorous fictional diseases like “Bloaty Head” by popping them like balloons, “Slack Tongue” or “Invisibility”. Then there’s the receptionist announcing the odd lines over the intercom in a sarcastic voice like, “Patients are asked to be patient,” “Patients are here at their own risk,” or even “Patients are reminded not to die in the corridors” every so often. Some hospital, eh? The game still plays (and looks) amazingly well for its age.

However, it doesn’t look like it’s getting a remake any time soon even though Theme Park got one on the DS. I tried getting the Playstation version via PSN but it’s very poor, lacking music and has poor controls.

Eventually I decided to try and get the more superior PC version but the catch was, it’s so old Windows Vista and later isn’t supported. That said, there are ways you can get the game running if you look around such as using the legit DOSBox emulator. There have also been people who have suggested installing the legit Windows XP Virtual Machine provided by Microsoft.

Or, if you want to avoid the hassle of installing more software just to get Theme Hospital running in Windows 7 (or perhaps Vista too), here’s how to get it up and running on today’s PCs.

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