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The Persona Music Campaign

Aniplex is having a “Persona Music Campaign” giving Persona fans a chance to buy all the P3 and P4 soundtracks together as a package. The package includes a deluxe box to keep them all in as well as two alternative covers to decorate the box with and one clear card.

The catch is, different online vendors offer different designs.

Persona Music Deluxe Box

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Persona 4 Social Link “Expansion Pack”

Those of you who want that Kuma plushy that came with the Persona 4 Konami Style Edition may not have to resort to importing after all. Amazon is offering a “Social Link Expansion Pack” which contains:

  • The “Teddy” plushy.
  • A black t-shirt featuring Yukiko’s Konohanasakuya.
  • A 2009 calendar.
  • A soundtrack CD containing tunes that won’t be found with the game’s pre-packaged one.

Well, the Japanese OST contains two CDs so… Maybe they had this planned. Think you’ll be fan enough to pick this up?

Chrono Trigger DS, US Gets The Pre-Order Bonus Soundtrack Too

Looks like the collectors amongst you who want the bonus pre-order soundtrack that will come with Chrono Trigger DS might not have to import it. Gamestop stores in the US are offering the very same soundtrack for customers that pre-order the game with them before November 24th.

On the other hand, it seems the store has a bad reputation over there. Reminds me of the Game and EB stores here in the UK… They always keep the game discs and manuals separate from the box and only slip them in when you bring an empty game box to the counter to pay.

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Persona 4 OST First Press Edition

Had the Persona 4 OST pre-ordered with Play-Asia long before I got the game because I already liked what I heard from all the little teasers during the past few months. Managed to get a first press edition which I wasn’t really expecting.

It’s a pity the two disc 52 track OST doesn’t contain a full version of “Pursuing My True Self”. I’m guessing there will be a remix album like P3 before we get it and most likely drama CDs to follow too. The tracks are great but, lyrics are very “Engrishy” I hate to say.

Here’s a list of the lyrics with Shihoko Hirata being the vocalist and Shoji Meguro the composer. The numbers denote the disc and track number and, the italics is a note about when the track is used in the game. Almost had the lyrics right for the opening.

Click on the titles to hear the song.

1-1, Pursuing My True Self
Opening theme song.

We are living our lives
Abound with so much information

Come on, let go of the remote
Don’t you know you’re letting all the junk flood in?
I try to stop the flow, double-clicking on the go but it’s no use
Hey, I’m being consumed
Loading, loading, loading, quickly reaching maximum capacity
Warning, warning, warning, gonna short-circuit my identity (Ah…)

Get up on your feet, tear the walls
Catch a glimpse of the hollow world
Snooping ’round will get you nowhere
You’re locked up in your mind

We’re all trapped in a maze of relationships
Life goes on with or without you
I swim in the sea of the unconscious
I search for your heart, pursuing my true self

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Trauma Center Second Opinion Soundtrack, New Blood Promotion Site Up

Just came across this file while I was trying to find some new info about Trauma Center: New Blood. If the original DS game soundtrack wasn’t enough for you then, maybe you’ll like the remixes from Second Opinion.

Again, these files are just rips so the track names are unofficial. You can thank “Cubed” for recording them! Grab them from Sendspace.

There’s some new songs such as the Second Opinion OP and Episode Selection which happen to be my favourites from the selection. The “CD covers” you see below and the previous one were just something I decided to quickly whip up.

I’m guessing there’s no official soundtrack coming out because there’s simply too few tracks and they’re short.

Trauma Center Second Opinion OST

It looks like they’ve set up a promotional site today for the true Trauma Center sequel. Just a single new trailer showing off co-op mode again but apparently the site will get updated every Tuesday.