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Persona PSP Review

This remake of the first PS1 Persona game “Revelations: Persona” begins at St. Hermelin High School with the MC and a group of friends betting in a classroom whether they can see the future or not. They try to summon Persona through a ceremony and a few of them are knocked out. When they go to visit their classmate Maki at the hospital, a brief but powerful earthquake is felt and the whole town is filled with demons. Fortunately, they find themselves with the power to summon Personas to their aid ever since the dream they had during that ceremony. They find themselves in another world and must hunt down a man named Kandori to find out how to get back.

Revelations Persona Remake

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Persona Revelations Gets A Remake for PSP

And Atlus finally reveals what their Persona PSP title is. It’s going to be a remake of the first Persona, “Revelations” that was developed for the PSX 13 years ago in 1996. This remake due on April 29th will be directed by Shoji Meguro who will also be responsible for renewing the soundtrack. He was responsible for the Velvet Room theme song, “A Poem for Everyone’s Soul” in the original game. Pre-orders will be able to get a hold of it for free as a bonus.

Kazuma Kaneko will of course, be the one responsible for the art direction.

Persona Revelations for PSP.

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