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Persona Music Live Concert Coming to DVD

Thanks to reader, Elly for this. Missed this because Atlus has yet to confirm it themselves on their Atlus-D online store.

It seems Aniplex will soon be publishing a recording of the Persona Music Live concert onto DVD soon on September 16th, an event that over 1400 people attended in Akasaka Blitz a few months ago! The slightly more expensive first press edition will cost 4410 Yen (US$46) and will include a CD filled with 24 live recordings of Persona music (extracted and converted from the DVD) complete with a sleeve.

According to the Sony Music Shop, the DVD will be 120 mins long, 16:9 aspect ratio and have Linear PCM audio which means it will most likely be 2.0 stereo sound but, I’m sure my sound card can do something about that so I can enjoy surround sound.

The DVD is already available for ordering from Play-Asia.

Persona Live DVD in September

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Meguro Lets Slip A Few Persona PSP Changes

New video footage are up but Director Meguro reminds his readers that these are still just from the development stage of the PSP remake and some of it is pretty old so don’t expect the final version to be the same.

With the visuals looking so different from P3 and P4, I wonder how will people who just got exposed to the Megaten Persona series react to the game? There will be no high school life sim element after all and even the visuals look a fair bit different. The only similar element will be the new Anime cutscenes.

Battle system.

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Persona Pendants During the Dark Hour

Last time I couldn’t really figure out why the pendants had disappeared off the Atlus D Shop but, it looks like you can only order them during the “Dark Hour” at site which is between 00:00 – 01:00 JST. You’ll know it’s that time when the banner and background’s gone dark so drop on by for a closer look at the 92.5% real silver pendants if you’re interested. It states they’re P4 related but I think they can be used for any Persona title.

They’re not cheap either mind you… Especially with the current economic climate and the low exchange rates.

Persona Pendants

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UK Persona 4 Pre-Orders Get A Free T-shirt

Persona 4 is reaching European shores on March 23th next month and Play.com is offering this exclusive yellow t-shirt if you pre-order with them. It’s not the same as the Konami Edition or the US’ Social Link Expansion Pack versions but, not too bad eh?

Or if you have a contact in Japan, you could always go for some of the other official clothing over at the Atlus D Shop. Then of course, you could always go print your own.

Play.com Exclusive T-shirt.

Persona 4 to Get Its First Drama CD in April

Came across this while I was checking  for new P3 Drama CDs.

It appears Geneon Entertainment is due to release the first Persona 4 drama CD on April 24th. It’s not known what the story will be about but, Amazon lists the cast as Chie Satonaka (Yui Horie), Yukiko Amagi (Ami Koshimizu), Kuma (Kappei Yamaguchi), Yosuke Hanamura (Shoutarou Morikubo) and others.

I wonder if they’ll portray the Protogonist as a cocky character since both his character design and some of the answers during dialogues were very much that way in the RPG.

P4 Drama CD on Amazon