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Oh – Pak Ho, The Process of Growing Up

Starting to get a little tired of Pak Ho’s “Under The Same Sky” since coming across it and having it on my DAP for over a year so I decided to check out his other songs. This song “Oh” which was on the same album sounds very good too. It has a very smooth melody to it. Once again, I can agree with most of the lyrics although some are aimed towards those brought up with Hong Kong culture like myself.

Here are the lyrics complete with romanised Jyutping and my translation. The song is about the process of growing up.

周柏豪 – 哦


曾聽過嗎 成長裡若然遇到斥罵
曾聽過嗎 成長裡別說謊話

現在常有禁忌 明白當天真理

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Under The Same Sky, Are the Lyrics or Tune More Important?

同天空 (The Same Sky) by Pak Ho Chau (周柏豪) is the only song I’ve been playing whenever I’m at home over the past few days. I like the lyrics and the rhythm has a nice flow to it. It’s not the first time I looped a song for days though. Mosaic Kakera by Sunset Swish was also one of my favourites (and still is).


Anyway, below you’ll find the Chinese lyrics and my attempt at a translation.

我試過懶理別人從徬 放任隨處蕩
也試過漆黑中找哲理 儘管不够光
快快告訴我哪里已種了禁果 我要去哪里 哪里至會有曙光
過去已過去 過去已印證出答案

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