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No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle Review

No More Heroes 2 takes place in Santa Destroy 3 years after the prequel. The city has developed a lot since then with high rise buildings everywhere but there’s also plenty of killings and Travis Touchdown has dropped to 51st place in the rankings. A brother of one of the assassins that he killed meets him on the rooftops for revenge which he soon finds was part of a bigger plan. Travis’ best friend is killed and upon meeting Sylvia once again, he learns that the boss happens to be at the top of the United Assassins Association.

No More Heroes 2

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No More Heroes Desperate Struggle Revealed

It’s been three years since the first game and Santa Destroy has been developed into a tourist site. One day Travis Touchdown, who has fallen down to rank fifty-one, meets the provocative Sylvia Christel from the UAA again and a story filled with battles begin.

There’s not much details at the moment besides some teasing screenshots but it seems they haven’t changed the system much from what’s written in this issue of Famitsu. Pro wrestling moves are back and so is Beam Katana action only this time, you can dual wield.

No More Heroes 2 with dual wield.

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No More Heroes Desperate Struggle, The Sequel

Yes! A sequel to one of my favourite Wii games, No More Heroes was announced at the Tokyo Game Show dubbed, “No More Heroes Desperate Struggle”!

The subtitle makes it sound like it will be for the DS doesn’t it? Fortunately, the press release says it will be for the Wii and is due in America 2010 January while we Europeans, will be getting it a month later or so.

I wonder where it picks up from though? Had to laugh at the octopus woman in the teaser clip. Rip off from Spiderman’s Doctor Octopus? Hope they don’t try to borrow too many ideas…

No More Heroes, 15 Hours of Style and Wiimote Finishings

Right after the opening video you’re thrown into the first main stage of the game, ready to fight your way to the first boss assassin. You’re also given an optional interactive tutorial where you get a chance to learn the basic controls. Once you’ve worked your way through, you’re pretty much left to your own devices. You can hang out at the motel, explore Santa Destroy or go out and earn some money.

NMH Comic Manual

The story’s simple. Travis Touchdown won a Beam Katana on an auction one day and after defeating a ranked assassin, he finds himself part of an assassin’s league with a mystery girl named Silvia Christel as his agent. Now he must work his way to the top or just sit around waiting to be killed. He goes with the first choice of course.

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No More Heroes EU Version, Impressions and a Comic Manual


That’s the second time I’ve said that because once again, No More Heroes was something I had been waiting in anticipation for for a long time. I pre-ordered my copy with Gameplay and fortunately it managed to arrive today so I can spend the weekend on it. Great how they (almost) always seem to get my pre-orders delivered on time!

No More Heroes (PAL Version)

So was it worth the wait instead of just buying the Freeloader and importing the US version? Well, I managed to spend maybe around two hours on it after day of uni and work and, it’s been fun so far. It’s as stylish in terms of soundtrack, graphics and dialogue as I had imagined it would be from all the video clips I watched.

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