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Autumn Lights | 秋の光 | 秋天的燈光

This was shot before the little stroll in Edinburgh. I came across the scenery on the way home on the bus and thought, “I need to come back to shoot this!” I liked how the street lights managed to bring out the colours in the leaves and if you weren’t sitting on the top deck of the bus or happen to look up, I doubt you would notice this.

Being busy with my full time job these days of course I had to wait until the weekend but I eventually managed to capture the scenery before the tree lost its autumn coat. Wasn’t very easy with the cold gales blowing outside. A few people stopped by wondering if I was trying to take a picture of the light and when I answered I was trying to capture the leaves with a bokeh (i.e. blur) in the background they said “Oh…” and walked off.

Since I was using a zoom lens at f/5 however, the bokeh didn’t turn out that well but I like how sharp some of the leaves in the foreground turned out using manual focus and exposure settings.

Thinking about getting an f/2 100mm prime lens right now for better bokeh and narrower depth of view.