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Devil Survivor Mugs and Glass Tumbler

Devil Survivor fans will soon be able to buy themed black and white mugs from March onwards or go for a customisable glass tumbler in April. There’s nothing much to say about the mugs but, the glass holds 320ml of liquid and has a rubber bottom to prevent it from sliding off slippy surfaces. It can also handle temperatures between 90 ~ -30C but isn’t microwavable.

Have to get this glass. I’m sure the guys won’t mind me sitting with them with a big pink glass in the campus cafeteria…

Devil Survivor goods.

Persona 4 Scarf, Pendant and Jack Frost Mugs

Wouldn’t mind wearing this instead of my current scarf but unfortunately, it appears to be unavailable for order currently. I think only people who have played Persona 4 will recognise the pattern while everyone else will just see it as a bright flashy scarf in the streets.

The white Jack Frost Mug B and drinking glass set look pretty cool too. Might have to bug my Japanese contact to help forward the goods over once they’re back in stock since they’re exclusive goods for the Atlus D Shop. Not sure if I would get the 925 silver “Fool” pendant though considering the price. Or maybe go for the “High Priestess” one instead!

Persona goods!