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Monster Hunter 5th Anniversary CG Artworks Book

Now this is the format Makoto Shinkai’s “Sora no Kioku” artbook should be in but I guess he had no say in its layout.

In commemoration of Capcom’s Monster Hunter series’ 5th anniversary, a 310 page “Monster Hunter CG Artworks” book containing over 1700 pieces of CG from every title in the series so far, went on sale yesterday. This includes staff interviews, box arts and the adverts that’s been used in magazines so far with each piece of CG work having its own A4 sized page. A small preview is available at Akiba Blog (NSFW).

I’m sure some of the trading card art will be in it.

Monster Hunter CG Artworks

Monster Hunter The Card Game

The Japanese have to make a card game out of almost everything don’t they?

Released October 2008, the “Monster Hunter Hunting Card” game is fairly simple to play revolving around hit points much like Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokemon. Players can use up to four of their Hunter Cards to battle it out with a Target Monster Card and if the total of their attack power is greater than the monster, the monster is defeated. If the monster also happens to be the one needed for a Guild Quest Card, Guild Points and rewards are received. The aim of the game is to be the first player to earn 2000 Guild Points.

Lets play cards!

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Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G, New Challenges and the Felyne Buddy

I remember how I bought the first Monster Hunter game for the PSP and almost gave up after spending an hour on it because I didn’t like the controls one bit. The weapons were hard to use, there was no lock on, the monsters you fought can kill you in one hit and the camera had to be adjusted manually.

It was a good few months before I came back to the game after seeing how easily other people played and upon getting used to the controls, I was soon having fun defeating giant monsters, using different strategies to gather the parts I needed off them for my next set of gear. However, the game still felt a bit lacking. Later, Monster Hunter Freedom 2 appeared with a huge selection of new content and improvements, cutting down many of the laborious tasks and offering a wider selection of weapons to use. It was so much better that I ended up spending almost 300 hours thanks to Xlink Kai and the newly downloadable quests.

Now, the same game is back with an added “G” to the end of the title offering all the content of the last game but now packed with even more gear, improvements, a small handful of new monsters and tougher versions of the old ones to beat. With what the original game already offered, it’s pretty easy to understand how Capcom’s latest Monster Hunter title “Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G” managed to move one million copies in less than a week and have surpassed twice that amount at the time of writing this. However, is it really better than its predecessor?

It’s your Felyne Buddy in MHP2G!

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Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G Sells Out and Moves One Million in Six Days

The latest in Capcom’s Monster Hunter series, “Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G” for the PSP did even better than Nintendo’s Super Mario Smash Brothers selling at over 670,000 copies on its first day. Some stores even sold out in an hour in Akiba or had as many as 600 people queuing up in the early waking hours of launch day in Shinjuku. Now, six days later Famitsu and other Japanese gaming sites also report it has shot pass the one million copies milestone in just six days.

MHP2G sold out in many city shops.

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