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Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Starter Guide & A Look Back at FFXI from 10 Years Ago

When I played the original FFXIV, it was horrible. The menus were a mess and there wasn’t much of a social element any more.

Now the remake “Realm Reborn”, despite the nasty launch where “early access” was pretty much voided, everything is made much smoother. Having played the original FFXI over 10 years ago the game is also much, much easier and less laborious for an MMORPG in comparison. It is much more casual.

In a way, it’s much like World of Warcraft in the sense that you don’t need to wait for parties to level up, which is good news for Damage Dealers (DD, or DPS) since they usually have the hardest time finding parties. There is a Duty Finder that automatically pairs you up with other players from other servers so it’s quite quick rather than constantly shouting to arrange your own local party.

At Camp Overlook.

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Fiesta Online Review

If you’ve played enough fantasy MMORPGs, you’ll probably know the drill now. After downloading the 700MB install file, I had to wait perhaps about an hour before the game got patched further… So make sure you download the right version for your region or you won’t be able to login to play and have to re-download again.

In the Korean Fiesta Online, you start the game by creating your character choosing one of the usual melee or long distance classes – Cleric, Archer, Mage or Fighter. Unfortunately there aren’t many customisation options. The best you can do is change your character’s hairstyle and colour which means when you go partying, you might end up with twins and triplets.

Once you’re done, you’re in the starting town of Roumen and are given some short tutorial quests.

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Perfect World International Review

Amongst the bigger paid MMORPG titles such as Blizzard’s World of Warcraft and Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XI, there’s plenty of free titles out there. One of them is Perfect World (完美世界) from Chinese developers originally released back in 2005 in China before it hit the Western world in 2008.

I thought I’d give it a try since it looked interesting and fairly up-to-date.

Perfect World...

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The Tower of Druaga Gets Its Own MMORPG

Yes, that comedy “non-generic” fantasy show has its own MMORPG now and it’s free to play too subtitled, “The Recovery of Babylim“. Maybe I’ll try it out later but I won’t be able to relate to the show since I haven’t actually watched either season yet.

The interface actually reminds me of RAN Online which was a grinding game with no story (don’t know how it is now). It was fun for a while teaming up with large groups of people and just beating everything up but, got boring not long afterwards.

Druaga the MMORPG