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Trip to Japan Day 9 – Osaka. Den Den Town and Shopping

Even Osaka can't escape Hello Kitty

We were off to Osaka today.

Originally I wanted to visit Osaka Castle early morning when there should be fewer people but my friend wanted to go off to a Virtual Reality conference back in Tokyo so we decided to skip it. It was going to be a pop culture day again because we were going to head straight to Den Den Town which was basically Osaka’s version of Akihabara – lots of Anime, games, Manga pop culture goods.

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Trip in Japan Day 2 – Kitaro Tea House, Jindai-ji, Kawagoe, Akihabara

Another nice day, around 20C and sunny. Today we were off to Chofu where the Kitaro O-cha-ya [Tea House] and Jindai Temple is.

Off to Kitaro Tea House!

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