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Makoto Shinkai Is Alive and Still In London

It’s only been two months since Makoto Shinkai wrote about how he was doing on his website but apparently, fans have been worried and have been writing emails asking him along the lines of, “Are you alive?” In response, he has literally written on his site that he is alive and well and thanks all concerned.

British Museum

On the other hand, ever since revealing that he has started planning his fourth movie a further few months back, he has yet to decide when he will be returning to Japan to start to production. He does however, feel that he can’t stay in London for much longer and should be making preparations to travel back soon.

So what at else has he been up to? Well he writes…

Thanks to the high exchange rate of the Yen, it feels as if the living costs in England have become a lot cheaper than it was a few months ago. At the end of the year I bought an SSD model of the MacBook Air on impulse. It’s a lot better than I imagined. It’s thinner than a book so I can just slip it into my bag when going on a few days trip or into town and, performance isn’t bad too – suprisingly fast in fact. I’ve already scratched it a little because I’ve been so careless but out of all the computers I’ve used, it is probably the best machine I’ve had.

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A Stroll About London for A Day

Been meaning to put up these photos ever since I got back from London where Makoto Shinkai appeared for a live interview at BFI.

I had decided we would go down by an overnight train and also went for the London Pass so that we could do a bit of sight seeing while we were there. The pack includes a map, guide book, a travel pass for getting around and a pass card for free entry into places, discounts and the privilege to skip queues. Seemed good value for money at the time.

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Meeting Makoto Shinkai at London BFI

It’s been quite a busy week so it took some time to finish this write up about the 5 Centimetres per Second screening that took place in London last Friday, one that featured a live interview with Makoto Shinkai himself.

When we arrived, we had a bit of trouble locating the BFI Southbank building but eventually I found it underneath the Waterloo Bridge near a large area of graffiti and made it for the 18:20 screening.

The room for the screening was darkly lit and was pretty much completely full even though only the central seating area was filled when I last checked the bookings on Thursday night. The booking plan showed our seats were on the left hand side so we walked on over only to find that was where the start of the alphabetically ordered seats were. Ended up having to walk back round through the front to find our seats.

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