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Bandwidth Troubles, June 2009 Edition

Some of you may have noticed my blog went down again for a couple of hours last night. Looks like that sample HD video I put up for my review of the Canon Powershot SX200 compact camera ate up a fair bit of bandwidth. The file itself was just 60MB but it still ended up eating a total of 7.5GB, ending my quota for June! Fortunately, it was once again close to the end of the month. Yet another coincidence?

It really doesn’t look like my current hosting plan is fit for downloads ^^;

Bandwidth usage for June, 2009

Anyway, haven’t been posting much lately because there hasn’t been much to write about for me. That and I’m busy translating the FFVII On the Way to a Smile stories along with something else…

Nippon Animation Requests Removal of Old Anime

And I thought last night was enough of an odd coincidence…

Not long yesterday after someone on Youtube warned “watch your back”, Nippon Animation who owns the rights to Muka Muka Paradise and Fifteen Boys Stranded at Sea had the videos blocked off on my channel. I uploaded them a few months ago because none of these shows are available on the market commercially but it looks like they don’t want to share old classics.

Can’t they at least make sure people can actually buy the shows before removing them? Shame people will have a harder time finding them now.

Watch your back...

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