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The Small Lives of Summer | 夏の小さな生命 | 夏天的小生命

Been out wandering with my camera again but didn’t get any ideas for any shots I could work with. I did catch sight of this common butterfly again though which I had taken a photo of some time ago at Pollok Park. Thought I could try to get a better shot of it this time with my DSLR.

I was told it might be a Monarch Butterfly (the ones from Trauma Team) but I decided to look it up this time. Turns out it’s actually a “Painted Lady” named because of the way the spots appear on its wings. The Monarch has a much larger black brim that runs all the way round its wings and doesn’t migrate over the UK…

Apparently it can be seen all around the world due to its tolerance to cold temperatures but summer time, June is the peak time when these butterflies migrate into Scotland. Have you seen this in your country?

また一眼を持ちながらお散歩行ってきましたが、いいアイデアが思い付けなかった。それでも、またあの時の蝶を見かけて写真をもっと良く撮るようにやってみました。まあ、普段の蝶だけど、面白い名前が付いてるらしいね。「Painted Lady」って「ペイントのかけている蝶」という意味とか。何だか「6人の医師ホスピタル」で登場のオオカバマダラの形しているらしいが違うです。ちなみにこの時期にスコットランドには数が一番多そう。日本でも見かけたことある?

再次拿著相機出去散歩了但沒有想到拍什麼相好。不過在公園裏又再遇到上次在Pollok Park拍了的蝴蝶。雖然很普遍但名稱幾有趣叫Painted Lady因爲翼上的白點像油彩。有些似Monarch Butterfly但不是。好像這個時期最多。在你的國家也看到嗎?

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Wasp in the House | 雀蜂が家に何しているだろう…? | 有雙黄蜂在家裏

It’s early summer which means it’s the time you see plenty of bees and wasps busily buzzing around when you’re out and about.

Usually I avoid killing insects if I can just let them out the house but over the past day, a single wasp has been flying in and out of the window and hovering around the same spot…

Curious to know if it was up to something I looked underneath the wooden shelf it was so fond of and found a strip of white stuff stuck underneath. At first, I thought it was just damaged wood but after I came back to check a few hours later, the white stuff had grown in size.






很好奇牠在做什麼我看看木架下面見到一些白色的東西。最初思維破爛的木但幾個小時後再看看就見到那個白色東西變大了, 吊著下來。

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