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Attack on Titan Wings of Freedom Review

Hanging around Trost.

If you haven’t watched or read the Manga already, Attack on Titan is about how the human race have barricaded themselves within a fortress of walls to keep themselves safe from man eating titans. One day, a colossal sized titan appears breaching one of the walls and catastrophe breaks out as all the smaller titans rush in eating everyone in sight.

It’s not pretty as you can imagine and Attack on Titan Wings of Freedom pretty much re-tells the same story (season one of the Anime) pretty well but with you taking part as the various characters.

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Trip in Japan Day 2 – Kitaro Tea House, Jindai-ji, Kawagoe, Akihabara

Another nice day, around 20C and sunny. Today we were off to Chofu where the Kitaro O-cha-ya [Tea House] and Jindai Temple is.

Off to Kitaro Tea House!

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