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Catherine (PS3) Review, Atlus’ First HD Title

Catherine is Atlus’ first HD title from the Persona development team released for both the PS3 and Xbox 360. You could say it’s a spin-off title based off a side character from one of their more popular franchises, Persona 3 Portable.

Vincent Brookes is a 32 year old man being pressed into the dreaded question of marriage by his fiancé Katherine but, he’s not sure if he wants to be tied down yet. Since then, his nightmares of himself being turned into a sheep and climbing for his life, running away from unforeseen horrors have been getting worse. One night, he decides not to go home, not wanting to experience the nightmares again and ends up meeting a playful girl also named Catherine (with a C) who he has a one night stand with. Rumours have it that a there is a woman cursing unfaithful men who end up dying from their dreams. Could Vincent be cursed and escape?

Catherine (PS3)

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