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Joining the DJ Max Portable 2 World Rankings

And yay, I’m ranked 766 with a score of 1376106 on 4B mode. I never did leave 4B in the original so I’m not that great at DJMP but, I think I can climb a bit higher than this.


It shouldn’t be long before the rankings get saturated with all the high 5 million point scorers but by then, I hope Pentavision have more pages to accommodate.

Ryuusei no Rockman E-Sense Postcards Available

For a limited time only from March 12th ~ May 14th, the Japanese can get their hands on a “Ryuusei no Rockman” E-Sense Postcard for 50 Yen (US$0.42).

Konami E-Sense Postcard

So what’s so special about these postcards that they get tagged with a special “E-Sense” name? Well, they’re sold in limited quantities and comes pre-stamped to prove it. No postage required too.

E-Sense Postcard Rack

Keep Eating “Death Note” Candy or Prepare for the Consequences

Every Death Note fan knows how much Luke loves eating apples because they’re the equivalent of smoking or some other bad addiction for the Death God. But how about some Death Note branded Apple Crunchies, Cookies or Chocolate Cake?

Asobit City has setup a bundle of these snacks for sale next to the recent DVDs and have added a sign with three Death Note like rules for fun:

  • After having one and not consuming another within 7 days will result in death.
  • Whether or not it suits your tastes, throwing away or incinerating the goods will result in death.
  • Continuing to eat Asobit’s [Censored] will halve your lifespan. Depending on certain circumstances, it may result in instant death the moment you eat.

Fun eh? Not really the first time snacks got branded with Anime shows but out of curiosity I wouldn’t mind trying them. And maybe fangirls of ‘L’ won’t mind receiving one of these chocolate cakes for Valentine’s Day today 😉

Death Note Branded Snacks

Death Note Branded Snacks - Close Up



Happy New Year! Hope You’re All Enjoying Your Break!

Wall 1
Happy New Year!

Yes, “Akemashite omedetou gozaimasu!” Hope you all had fun counting down to the new year last night (if you’re in the West!) Over here, we had winds blowing over 70mph with rain to go with it so the celebrations in town had to be cancelled for safety reasons.

Meanwhile my Japanese penpals have been visiting the shrines over in Japan and enjoying their new year break. Most people are off until the end of this week so don’t expect much gaming news from the “Land of the Rising Sun” for the next few days.

Wall 2
Ys Origin – Yunica, Hugo, Twin Goddesses and The Claw at the shrine.

Another thing is that I’m going to be away from home for the rest of this month so I’m not going to have access to my PC for a while. If you don’t see anything being posted over the next week then most likely updates will resume in early February.

Until then, enjoy these new year wallpapers from Falcom!

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Square-Enix Announces FFXI OST Premium Box Set for March

Not too long after I bought the first OST as well… But never mind since I only spent most of my time playing through the original game. Ah, that “Ru’Lude Garden” tune sends memories flooding back. Now I’m listening to the OST again, remembering when I first started out killing off hares outside Sand d’Oria! Er yes, terrible.

Scan 1

Anyway, this will be a set of 7 CDs made up of:

01. Final Fantasy XI Original Soundtrack (2 Discs)
02. Final Fantasy XI Rise of Zilart Original Soundtrack (1 Disc)
03. Final Fantasy XI Chains of Promathia Original Soundtrack (1 Disc)
04. Final Fantasy XI Treasures of Aht Urhgan Original Soundtrack (1 Disc)
05. Unreleased OST Collection (Bonus Disc)
06. Final Fantasy XI Piano Collections (Bonus Disc)
07. Piano Score Collect (1 Book)

FFXI music fans can obtain this set for 11,000 Yen on March 28th.