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A New Dungeon Keeper - War for The Overworld Tips


A New Dungeon Keeper - War for The Overworld Tips


I had been hoping for a remake of Dungeon Keeper for a while and I recently came across a Kickstarter game called, "War for the Overworld" that just happened to be exactly that. It's now available on Steam and is a fairly good clone of Dungeon Keeper. It even had the backing of Peter Molyneux, the designer behind the original Bullfrog game.

The only gripes I have with it is the creature design and animations aren't quite as fun and charming as Dungeon Keeper - can't forget the Bile Demon or the Horned Reaper you could summon. It does manage to keep the fun narratives but you can hear a lot of repetition.

There's also one particular level that can feel very hard at first so here's some tips to beating it.

Mission 7 "Heart Attack" can be hard. Despite the balances with v1.6f of the game, I still had problems with the stream of heroes invading. I read many strategies that suggested blocked the paths on the West and East sides so that the heroes would channel through the centre. However, this didn't quite workout... You could only block the West and some will run round your dungeon to the East to get at the dungeon heart. The heroes were also like torrents rather than waves which meant they ploughed through the "death room" I filled with canons and traps in the centre.

Eventually after watching videos on YouTube I decided to ignore the channelling tactic and do it the proper way; create three separate trap rooms instead - centre, west and east. As you can see from the screenshot, it's comprised of two rows of Blade Lotuses with a single Bone Chiller in one row. Then Bombards at the back surrounded by Ramparts. Nearby, I have the newly accessible Garrisons to keep the defences longer.

Now here's one important step, you have to actually click on the Bone Chillers so that they will freeze enemies instead of just slowing them down. This obviously helps a lot since the Bombards can just KO them quite quickly.

As some players have mentioned, I didn't have to use a single creature to fend off the heroes and it was over quite quickly using this tactic.

So, hopefully that will help you enjoy the game more. Meanwhile for other Bullfrog classics like Theme Hospital, you'll just have to use Corsix-TH.


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