Trauma Team Japanese Boxart and Trailer | Hospital 6人の医師 表紙とトレーラ

It feels like it’s been ages since we heard anything about the new upcoming third Trauma Centre game on the Wii but it looks as if its Japanese name has been finalised as “Hospital – The 6 Doctors” (Rokunin no Ishi). It will be coming out on June 17th in Japan while North America gets its version in just over a week’s time as “Trauma Team“.

I’m a fan of the series but I really don’t like the way this new game is presented. I also prefer the old group shot than this huge collage of pictures. Unlike the last time, the NA boxart looks better.


And for the Persona fans amongst you… Doesn’t the logo scream Persona PSP? It would be funny if Igor appeared!

Regardless, hope it still plays well!

それにしても、そのロゴ の蝶はペルソナPSPのを思い出させない?

3 thoughts on “Trauma Team Japanese Boxart and Trailer | Hospital 6人の医師 表紙とトレーラ

  1. World

    I am really looking forward to this game, but I agree with you completely on the presentation. It’s kind of cartoony and disappointing after seeing some of the grittier work Atlus is capable of, like in Digital Devil Saga.

    Oh, and the North American release date is May 18th, not “just over a week’s time” =P But that’s alright.

    It’s also neat to see the comparison between the two boxarts. Thanks!

  2. LHY Post author

    Dang, forgot about the delay. Oh well, at least it’s not as bad as the EU’s release date which is who knows when ^^;

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